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If you are a UK-based manufacturer or importer of agricultural products, and would like to raise their profile among existing and potential buyers, we can help, through a variety of means. They range from one-off testimonials and press releases, which we can distribute to/place with the right magazines and other outlets, to the creation of leaflets and brochures, and from photography with professional digital equipment to full-scale public relations campaigns for everything from a launch to a complete season/calendar year as part of an ongoing campaign. Securing good editorial coverage in this way can be far more cost-effective than spending large amounts on advertising, and we know the right people to contact, and the correct way to structure your approach, to ensure you achieve it.


If you manufacture in the UK and export your products overseas we can help you raise awareness of them among potential buyers, boost existing sales, or attract/find an importer, via the wide range of contacts that we have among the overseas farming press and importer/dealer networks. We have particularly good contacts in mainland Europe, the US and New Zealand.



lf you are an overseas manufacturer exporting - or planning to export to - English-speaking markets, we can help ensure your communication is clear, concise and well-written. Translated copy often needs a lot of work to make it read well and ensure it is easily understood and agriculturally correct, and brochures can look particularly unprofessional if their English is poor. We work with everything from untranslated copy to that which has been through the hands of a professional English translator, but which may still need the eye of an agricultural specialist.  



Coming from a family farm, and having only ever worked in agriculture, we understand the business, and can quickly write clear, concise copy for both brochures and trade journals that explains how your product works and what the benefits are for buyers. Additionally, we work regularly with agricultural specialists in photography, video and brochure/advert design and print and can quote a package price for a full service encompassing all of these. Our contacts and previous industry experience mean we know how to secure the best coverage and maximum exposure for your product. And we work to realistic prices, not inflated charge-out or retainer fees.



If you publish or edit an agricultural journal, and would like one-off or regular freelance contributions on machinery, arable or livestock topics, we can help. Over the past 20 years and more we have developed an extensive range of farmer and industry contacts in all three sector areas, and having worked as arable editor at the weekly Farming News and deputy editor at the monthly Profi International, we understand the way magazines work.



Each year, we attend most of the major agricultural shows in the UK and Europe, including SIMA (France), Agritechnica (Germany) and EIMA (Italy), as well as Cereals and LAMMA, so if you would like to meet to discuss your requirements, or would like a report from such an event, please get in touch.



We also specialise in the creation of company history books, booklets and brochures,  and can turn old photographs, notes and other material into the finished product to mark the history of a firm from its inception to the present day. 


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